House Of Arie Smit

Kintamani Village

Every child has the right to an equal education. With quality education, children bring useful knowledge for a better life in the future.

Useful knowledge is also entitled to be given to children from low-income families in the village of Blandingan-Kintamani.

Blandingan is a remote village in the mountains of Bali that is not prosperous. This village looks very contrast when compared to the luxury of tourist destinations, and the life of the tourism industry in Bali.
With all the luxury that Bali has, the island of the gods is still inhabited by poor people in remote areas.

This dilemma encouraged us, House of Arie Smit was moved to provide free education to children in rural Blandingan-Kintamani. Through a cultural approach, we will apply art-based education methods.

This mission aims to improve the quality of child development in the village of Blandingan. The various activities we do as educational media include teaching children to paint, getting to know the culture, and creating a reading garden and library as a learning tool.

This social mission is part of a creative economic program that will have a positive impact on children in the village of Blandingan.

Through this method of learning based on art and culture, it aims to be able to bring a more prosperous economic change for their lives in the future.