House Of Arie Smit

Warloka Village

Indonesia has a myriad of charms that attract the attention of the world. Eastern Indonesia is one of the regions in Indonesia that has both tourism and cultural appeal.

West Flores a beautiful exotic island with charming natural beauty is increasingly known to the world.

Warloka Village, one of the villages in West Manggarai regency . It is a neighborhood of Labuan Bajo that is one of the exciting tourist destination to visit.

This village is known as a village that has tolerance for cultural and religion diversity.

There are three villages in Warloka Village, namely Warloka Village, Kenari Village, and Cumbi Village. These three villages are inhabited by residents who follow different religions, namely Islam and Catholicism. Although they have different beliefs, those who live in Warloka Village live side by side and harmoniously.

But unfortunately, access to the Village of Warloka is challenging. Even residents in each village also have difficulty accessing roads, clean water and electricity. Residents in each town support each other, as seen from their livelihoods.

Kampung Warloka is located on the coast, so most of its residents live as fishermen. While the Kenari and Cumbi villages are situated on higher ground, the residents' livelihoods are gardening and selling natural products.

The facilities in Warloka Village are inadequate; their well water feels salty because it is mixed with seawater. While the distance of the spring is tens of kilometres from the Village of Warloka.

Not only that, the pier used by fishermen to anchor the boat has also been damaged. The wooden pier has reached 10 years old.

This is the only access to ship transportation from Labuan Bajo. If taken from the sea route, the trip to Warloka from Labuan Bajo takes more than 1 hour, while if taken from the landline takes more than 3 hours.

Seeing this dire condition, we House of Arie Smit would like to contribute to advancing the village of Warloka. We invite the local community to work together to run a routine art and literacy program in Warloka Village.

Through this program, we hope that people will have the ability to display their local arts and culture as a tourist attraction. This program will be packaged using a creative economic strategy, which shows the work of art and culture of the local community so that it has a high selling value.

With this program, people will be able to support their tourism industry by increasing their ability to communicate with guest and also every art product produced by the people of Warloka Village will be promoted through a tourism strategy to attract more tourists visiting the village.